Process Flow for Documentation and Design

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Is there best practice example for creating process flows in the Design Specific Document (DSD) or PDD, the as-is and to-be flows generally. I do not assume that people are drawing activity by activity on the process flow on ‘’ or somewhere.

Any example process flows you have?

Hi @berkaykor

Drawing process flow diagrams for As-Is & To-Be process will definitely help the process visualisation & people often use as it’s user friendly. It’s not a mandatory rule as such, but it’s one of the best practices to prepare them.

You can either use UiPath’s Task Capture, which automatically prepares the process documentation for you & modify it accordingly or you can refer the following component for the same:

Hope this helps,
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Hope this helps

on a High note

  1. Major decisions and flow steps are to be included.It need not be detailed
  2. It should capture the differences between as is and to be
  3. What should represent what different applications are used


Are there any end results that I can check?


The following thread contains the template for the same, you can use or modify the same according to your requirements:

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