Template of PDD and SDD

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In almost every course that are available on the page there is a mention about PDD and SDD document. Is this something customized for UiPath purpose, is there any template attached if so can you share or provide path?


Template is just reframework, you can use either old reframework or enhanced reframework as template.


There’s not a template which you can follow. Each company as their own document template but what you have to keep in mind is what these documents has to specify.

Below you can find some elements of SDD and PDD (Page #29)
UiPath Automation Best Practice Guide 05 25012018.pdf (1.5 MB)

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You can find the SDD in this topic.

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To generate SDD from your code


Is ‘to be’ process mentioned in pdd?if it is,then what is the need of sdd.plz clarify my doubt on that

PDD - Actual process (manual) workflow
SDD - Automated process workflow

PDD will always have the to BE process. To be and as is is a part of SDD.