Process doesn't run (crashes?) through Orchestrator or Agent

I’m a new user to UI Path and am a tech savvy IT person. Trying to get the community edition running a process so I can begin building out some processes.

I’ve built a basic ‘Message Box’ process to test this initially and it runs fine in Studio but it appears to ‘crash’ when I run it through orchestrator or manually on the agent. It flickers as if it tried to run but then crashed. I can’t work out how to get error / feedback reporting.

The job says it ran successfully however the MessageBox doesn’t pop up like I expect it to. I have tried writing to a file and again it works fine in Studio but never creates the file through the Agent/Orchestrator.

Is this some sort of permission issue? I can’t see anything about it on the forum or help videos. I’ve looked at roles and permissions and all looks fine.

I’ve also installed and set up an unattended robot on another PC and the same behavior happens.

I manually ran the “UiPath.Agent” file to get the Robot app running.

Quite frustrating as my first experience actually. Any ideas please?

I’ve set both robots to ‘Verbose’ logging and run again. For the MessageBox process I get the following ‘Info’ log entry:

And the following ‘Trace’ log entry:


Neither of them appear to be useful in explaining why the process appears to run but doesn’t execute and launch the MessageBox

So I’ve tried recreating robots, machines, environments, etc, and one of the actions must have worked as this is now working. Weird. I’ll continue. Thanks!

What do you mean it is now working? Are you able to run the proccess now from Uipath Assistant or from Orchestrator?

This is what I see in my “JOBS” but they do not run in my computer, do you use unattended robot or testing?

I have had this issue for a long time.

Thank you for your post!!


I think I found the solution, the problem at least for me was in the file it self, I mean I just created a secuence from another project, I dont really know…
So, try to create a new project (simple) in Uipath Studio (I do have community version) with all the files in the same folder, just one folder for the project, and work the secuence in the main.xaml in the project tab, the publish and it worked for me.


I figure this out but trying a sample project “web browser” of Uipath Studio that i found in the Studio itself, and it worked, I made some changes but changes would not appear, I think because i was adding a new sequence…
Try to get this Webbrowsing file you will find in the demo somewhere in the studio version and see if this one works.
Hope it helps!

You can download the example in this link:

Publish this example without touching anything and check if you can run this one from orchestrator or assistant without problems.