2019.10.16 orchestrator random activity singeout exceeded

Hello eveyone,

since we have updated our Orchestrator to version 2019.10.16 we have huge problems with our unattended bot.
It randomly can’t find the environment so we can’t use any activties.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Our resolution is 1920x1080x32 as you can see, we also updated it in Orchestrator.
Our development machine has the same resolution and our Main Workflow has the same resolution-settings.

Any idea what we could do to get a stable unattended robot? I even deleted the uipath.settings file and changed every .json-file cause we also updated the uipath studio on the newest version.

Thank you.

can you be more specific and clarify on the issue pls.


The robot won’t type anything - and it’s randomly - it means we have an Unattended Robot on a Server Windows 2016 Server
It can’t use any activity and the log write following error:

Type Into: Timeout reached.

I used a little testing robot which just writes inside the editor “test” and takes a screenshot.
Sometimes this little Robot is successful sometimes not.
We have a new Server and updated from 2010 to 2016 and didn’t have this issue before.
Furthermore, in attended mode everything works fine and when I start the robot manually from Orchestrator and obsvere the logs it works fine too.

The UiPath support wasn’t really helpful so maybe I’m lucky and you have any suggestions.

Have you installed the Robot in service mode? If so, is the UiRobot service running?

Based on your description, it sounds like while you are logged into the machine to observe, you probably have UiRobot Tray or Agent Desktop running which would be listening for instructions from Orchestrator. If the UiRobot Service is not running and no user is logged in to run the process there is nothing listening for a job.