Problems with UiPathPlatform.msi v18.2.3 installer

Installer(.exe or .msi):
UiPathPlatform.msi v18.2.3

License type(Free, Trial/License code):
5 Licensed tenants, 2 robots each.

Orchestrator version:
Actual: 2017.1.6547 (Working fine) Trying to update to: 2018.2

Current behavior:
Wizard installer is not working as suppose to work. After Application Pool Settings window is suppose to be Database Configuration Window, instead Ready to Install is showing up. I have downloaded .msi from UiPath URL. I have send a ticket to UiPath helpdesk but they gave me a generic solution and it did not work. My client needs the update because 2017.1 has no support now.


Please check whether you have Dot.Net 4.5 version in your machine or not.
if not available, please updated that first and give a try. Hope that will fix your issue.

Thank you for answer.
We have UiPath Orchestrator 2017.1 working fine already. All the prerequisites for installation are installed and double checked.

i am just curious, did you get a chance to verify any windows latest security updates ? some times it may get conflict.

Our windows server auto-updates are disable. But I will check. Thank you.

Hi @Juan_Felipe_Carvajal,

Take a look


We have 2 servers with 2017.1 Licensed Orchestrator running fine. All the prerequisites were checked. On Test server we can run the Wizard Installer and no steps are skipped by the .msi. The problem is when we are executing the wizard on production server, the installer behaviour is different, althought both servers are identical, a replica.
We are waiting to be able to check if maybe a non-controlled windows update changed something. I will let you know.
Thank you for being willing.

Even this small detail, as you can see, in one server, wizard allows the “Verify port availability”, in the other one, it does not.

The server with problems has the same win updates than the good server

Solved, I did a trick around using 2017.1 installations scripts over 2018.2 file folders.