Problems with Get Outlook Mails

Hi, i’ve been having problems with the new emails in the inbox of outlook, the activity Get Outlook Mails does not update the inbox automatically, so i have to manually open the Outlook app and then the new mails appear. What is the problem here? Is there a way to update the inbox with an activity or is a problem with my Outlook desktop app?
Thanks in advance

hi silveria,

if possible try to use exchange or else open outlook application and after use get outlook mails activity.

because if you are using outlook it will not refresh the inbox.

Thank you


@bruno.silveira - you can do a workaround to update the mail box like below -
start outlook process before start reading email from the mail folder… once you start the process it will automatically update the folder…

Yes already did that, i wanted to know if there was another way to do it, like an “update inbox” activity or something like that. Thanks

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