Update Inbox without openning Outlook

Hello everyone

I need to read mails from my mail so that get some mail according their subject and attachment. However, I realized if I don´t open outlook, activity “get exchange mail messages” don´t get new message until I refresh my outlook. The problem consists in uipath project is in a server where there is not installed outlook by policy secure. I would to discover a way to refresh my inbox automatically from uipath.

Hi there, I came across this issue and found a solution within Outlook - removing the requirement to update the inbox manually at all. The issue is that the account is set to “Cached Exchange Mode”, and emails are not automatically downloaded.

Here are the steps to resolve:

Right click on the Outlook account → DataFile Properties → Advanced → Advanced Tab → Uncheck Cached Exchange Mode

This should force Outlook to consistently download any new emails or changes to the inbox in an always-online mode.

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