Why doesn't append range work?

Hi, i’m trying to add a Datatable to an existing sheet (empty but with headers). Why doesn’t it work ? it doesn’t do anything.

here is the workflow. the whole process is inside of an excel application scope activity. I blacked irrelevant information.


  • Open File (Excel Application Scope)
  • Build a Datatable: dtBuild, data from same File but diffrent sheet.
  • append dtBuild to sheet “Log”


I suppose first perhaps you should check content of datatable at Append Range activity.

Can you try the following steps?

  1. Set breakpoint at Append Range activity.
  2. Run “Debug”
  3. It will stop at append range, then check content of the datatable at Locals Panel.

If it has no data, you might need to review your logic.


I checked the Data Table content, it’s not empty. The Data is complete but it isn’t saving it in the sheet

Wehen I delete the sheet “Log” sheet and run it again append range is working again. But it isn’t working when I only delete the data of the sheet.

Thank you for your help. I now know what the problem is… I’m running a Excel macro after append range. Apparently it is clearing the sheet after each time. i don’t know why, but atleast I know the cause know…

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