Problems Advanced Training UiDemo

When the running of the robot arrives to Process, it returns me the exceptión:
:warning:Business rule exception.Input Data Invalid
I think it could be a problem in the Assign activities, or y the decision flow with Double.TryParse.
Here is a capture from the screen.

Thanks you everybody.

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Hai @sermuolo,

Kindly run the program in Debug mode and share the exception screenshot.


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I think the problem is in the previous Assign activity. I understand that CashIn, OnUsCheck, and NotOnUsCheck are String variables. But, what is its Value? in_TransactionItem…? Is there something more than "in_TransactionItem?



Log messages where you think error is occurring, that will give you the exact location where the program is failing

I know exactly where is the problem, but i don’t know what produces the problem.


I´m very sure that problem is here, but I can’t find it.

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