Assignment 1-Error on Transaction Data

Hello Community,

I get the following error when running the robot, trying to complete the first assignment, please assist. below the picture of the error :slight_smile:

Please check if all the input arguments to this workflow are passed correctly.

Thank you for the response but I have set them up correctly but still it is failing. Please help

Try Clicking on the “Validate” option from the “Execute” tab and see if that throws any error.

This is exactly the problem,It validates with no error

Please also try to validate the main and also check what is the value coming in for dt_WorkItems

No error on the main as well, TransactionData is the one coming in for workItems


Please can you check the System.Argument exception (RemoteException wrapping… ).

Also are dt_WorkItems and TransactionData are of the same type (DataTable)

dt_Workitems and TransactionData are of type DatatTable.


This is null. So it hasn’t grabbed any data row.

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Thanks you i have managed to sort it out. I had to pass on the value now it is working fine.

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