Advanded training UiDemo exercise errors in process workflow

I am working through UiDemo exercise provided in advanced training. I created process.xaml file exactly as per instructions but I am facing two issues.

  1. Robot doesn’t input correct value into UIDemo. For example if CashIn is 231.56 it will enter 23156.00
  2. Validation of input data isn’t being done. Robot isn’t throwing exception even if Cash in >1000 and input data isn’t valid.

Attached is process.xaml workflow.
Process.xaml (19.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for your response.

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The reason for the first issue is actually how UIDemo shows the values. Even if you input it manually, it’ll show 23156.00, not 231.56. If you try to input the same value in another application (Notepad, for example), you should see the correct formatting.

The check for invalid data seems to be working fine:

But there is a problem with the check for the amount of Cash_In, because TryParse will make dbl_CashIn be zero. This is a mistake in the walkthrough and we’ll fix it (Apologies for the inconvenience! :sweat_smile:)
In the meantime, please replace TryParse with Parse, so you’ll get the proper double value. Mind that Parse returns the parsed double, not a boolean, so you can use it like Double.Parse(CashIn) < 1000.


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