Level 3 - Advanced Training - UiDemo excercise

I am currently attempting to complete the first exercise on Level 3 (UiDemo) but i’m currently stuck on how to resolve the below issue.

Any suggestions, thanks.

“Compiler error(s) encounter processing expression “Double.TryParse(Cashln, dbl_Cashln) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) AND Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck)” ‘Cashln’ is not declared it may be inaccessible due to it’s protection level”

The issue is Cashln has already being declared please see attached image, what am I missing?


Just try to delete the existing variable and create it through variable panel.

Thanks, tried that but it didn’t work.

Could you show us where else do you declare and use the cashIn var ?

Hi @Supernova,

In flowdecision ->Condition property-> click on the copy the condition and delete the condition and click ok. now you open again paste the condition then click ok.

Arivu :slight_smile:

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Thanks Arivu but that didn’t work.

Here is my Workflow

Process_Transaction_Flowchart.xaml (19.5 KB)

Hi Daniel - I’ve attached my work flow. Can’t figure it out

It was also used in the Assign Data sequence.


You are doing something wrong.

Now, could you please explain me what are you trying to accomplish here?

Second question,what do you want to do here?

It is a bit confusing for me…

Side question is it related to some sort of algorithmic trading?


Update on this issue.

The solution was deleting the variable Cashln and recreating it again. This strangely resolved the error

I am facing similar issue . Getting exception while trying to fetch values from queue. can you please let me know how this issue can be resolved

Sorry, just seen this.

Has this been resolved?


@Supernova I think the initial problem was that your variables were declared as type “String” instead of “QueueItem”.