Problem with workbook Read Range

Hi Team,
I am facing issue while reading a file using workbook read range.
Please see the image for more clarity.

Looking forward to your response,

Hi @Pankaj_Yadav,
Can you send the screenshot of the activity in studio (the part of the excel scope)

Hi @vmariejeanne thanks for your response, i am using Workbook read range, not using the excel scope


What range you gave in read range

send the activity image

Hi @RachelN,
Please find the same.activity

Is the read range working properly when u give some range like “A1” or “B1”??

Hi @RachelN and @vmariejeanne, thanks for your response

i am using the excel scope and it is working with it, but i dont know why it was not working with workbook.


Hi! @Pankaj_Yadav Wich Version are you using? I just update the new one and also is not working read excel any of them

I’m not sure, is it because the Read Range activity was stripped of the workbook path field in the update?
From 3 blocks of input down to 2 blocks
Check here