Read range does not work when Excel sheet is protected



I’m trying to use Read Range activity. It works as expected when I don’t protect the Excel file. But when I protect the worksheet (w/ no password), then Read Range activity fails with an error message. Has anyone faced the same issue? Protect was implemented onto “worksheet” only, not “file”. I thought I need to unprotect the sheet before doing Read Range, but I’m not sure how I can achieve it. I appreciate very much if anyone could give me a suggestion.


Are you using the Read Range activity in excel application scope?

Have you tried using the “Read Range” from workbook activities? This does not display a copy of the Excel Workbook usually so maybe that will circumvent it?


Thank you!!! It resolved.

Yes, I was using Read Range under Excel Application Scope. But when I used workbook Read Range, it worked !

Thank you so much for your advice.