Read Range not working


Version 2021.10.3
Studio Pro
Read Range activity not working for even 5 rows and 5 columns. It hangs and automation does not go beyond Read range activity.

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try read range from workbook without using excel application scope!

if possible show us the error.



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ReadRangeX is for StudioX, so you can except some problem when you use this in Studio Pro

I suggest to use Read Range from Excel or Workbook category

Hope this will help you


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hi @badal_sharma ,

Would it be possible to share with us more details about it to help us investigate this:

  • What version of the Excel package are you using?
  • What are some repro steps?
  • Are other Excel activities showing a similar behavior?
  • Would it be possible to share a sample project?


Hi @Raluca_Laic , I was able to identify the problem. The excel was indeed too large (17Mb) and that is why UiPath took more than expected time to open it.

Hey @badal_sharma ,

Thank you for the follow up. Would it be possible to share with us the excel file to see where the slowness might be coming from? How were you able to resolve this?


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