Excel "Read Range: Could not read range ."


Workflow was running for whole day normally, 15mins ago it stopped because:
“Read Range: Could not read range .”

Nothing was changed inbetween. It happened during WF running.
Till then there were NO problems with Read Range Activity.

Where to search for error?

Thx for any suggestion.
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Hi @VanjaV

Could you please help with the screenshots.


Hi @VanjaV,

I suggest you to share details for a better solution.

According to my experience, if you use the excel activity a lot, I recommend you to use a kill before each use. Such errors can also be received when trying to open the other workbook without closing the full workbook.



Hi, workflow was running NORMALLY until now (including read range activity),
for more than 3 months. I did not change anything.

UiPath Upgrade was done this afternoon, about 2 hours ago.

Do you see any excel open in task manager? If you are only going to read. You can use the workbook readrange activity without using scope.

If it is the server you are running it on, you can check whether the server is logged in with different users.

Hi @muhammedyuzuak ,

I kill the process EXCEL now and it still doesn’t work.

Can you also try to upgrade the System.Activities package’s version to newest?

Hi @VanjaV,

There is no problem when I call it with the same activity versions. I think it might be a problem in excel. Are you able to share it? At least by clearing the rows.

Hi, @bzural

there is only one version available:

I meant the first one, which named as System.Activities. On the other side, your excel file might be corrupted.


Please check whether the file exists and the sheet1 present in it. Also check whether the file is corrupted .If all the above are correct, then try to downgrade or update the excel package and try to execute once.

As per my understanding the issue can be the version issue happened after the update of Uipath.

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I think so, after upgrading all of us are getting some issues :frowning: