Problem with Word activity Replace text in Document

i am trying to just have the name field in my word document replaced by the name in my excel file. and it just won’t do it. I am using the text and putting it in [brackets] why isn’t this updating


can you elaborate your problem?

In my environment, the following simple sample works.


Sample (63.9 KB)


I am trying to replicate the template CompleteWordTemplatefromExcelandEmail

In The Replace Text in Document , I have the word document to use as cpa doc.docx
in the template it have to Save Document As but whenever I leave that in it keeps breaking after two runs I get this error

The next step is Replace Text in Document
I am asking it to replace [name] with the current row of my excel file column “Fname” and i indicate that in Excel, but it never replace the name.

Here is a screen shot of my entire flow.

Any help will be greatly appreciate.


Do you use Studio or StudioX? Your first image is from StudioX but the entire image seems from Studio.

Anyway, is [name] still remained after ReplaceText activity or is it empty?

In this case, it’s better not to use SaveDocumentAs, I think. Before opening docx, copy the file to other name, then open copied file using UseWordFile with SaveChanges option.
(It may be your problem is that the docx was not saved)



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I primarily use Studio X, I switched to Studio hoping it would work there.

Yes, the [name] field remain in the email it doesn’t go empty, it will do it one time and for some reason after that it says the [name] field has been deleted

If I remove the Save As, it continues without an error but it keeps only the first name in the column, it is not replacing it with the currentrow.


Can you share your project, if possible?
It’s no problem data is dummy.


Hi @Donna_Roberts

From your screenshots seems like you are saving as new doc file but you are looping your excel file using same original doc file. So only replace the text the first time then [name] is not present in your original doc anymore

As mentioned by @Yoichi is better copy original file for each row and use the copy file in use word file activity

Here is my project file, I hope I did it correctly. (265.8 KB)

Here is the project, I hope i sent it correctly. Thanks (265.8 KB)


How about the following? This creates docx files for each person.

NewBlankTask(1).zip (151.0 KB)



Just to complement

In your project, uncheck the Auto Save property in Use Word File activity also don’t SAVE AS with the same original file name because it will override the original file and then in second iterate the [name] will not exist any more.