Replace Text in Document - not working for a single replacement

Hi All.

Not sure if this is already known or I’m missing something, but I think there is a problem with the “UiPath.Word.Activities.WordReplaceText” activity.

I’m using Studio 2023.4.0 Community Edition and UiPath.Word.Activities v1.16.0-preview.

I use the ‘Replace Text in Document’ inside a ‘Word Application Scope’ and I have the ‘Replace All’ button unchecked. Inside the document I have several entries of a keyword and I want to replace only the first occurence.
When I run this all the occurrences are being replaced.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I already changed my bot to do what I need to do, but was just wondering if this is an error or expected behaviour.


Hi @TheArchitect ,

We do see that you are using the Preview version, Is it the same when checked with the Stable Version ?

Hi @supermanPunch .

Tried with last stable version v1.13.1 and it has the same outcome.


Hi @TheArchitect

Try to downgrade package version and test the process. I hope it will work. If doesn’t help go with script like, c#, etc… to replace the word.

Kaviyarasu N

Hi @TheArchitect ,

I’ve tried repro’ing this on a sample Word document and was unable to. In my case, it replaces the first occurrence. Would you be able to share a sample workflow with a sample document so we can investigate this further?


Hi @Raluca_Laic .

I think I’ve managed to narrow the error:

  • it works fine if the text is standard, but
  • my docx file has the keyword inside several textboxes (screenshot below).

Could you please try on such a file? I get the same output: all occurences are replaced.

Thank you.


Hey @TheArchitect ,

Thank you for the additional information, I managed to repro it with the textboxes. I’ve filed this for our developers to investigate it further and will provide an update here.


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This issue has been fixed in community release for Word for 2023.6.

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