Word file urgent help

Hi all i have an excel file and i have to make a invoice of a bank statement in word format and take the value from excel. dynamically

I think you would create a Word file template and inside it you create some placeholder text like #MyText1, #MyTex2… And use Replace Text activity to take the excel data and replace in your word file…

can you share the workflow


Following Starter help is doing following:

  • Copy a WordFile Template and rename the copy (Invoice.docx)
  • A datatable is representing the readin from a excel and contains the different replacement values and place holder keys
  • in a for each row all placeholders will be replaced the value.

Find Word Template:
InvoiceTemplate.docx (12.9 KB)

Find XAML here:
ReplaceTemplate_ByDataTable.xaml (9.2 KB)

Kindly note: before running the xaml at your end change the paths as by your environment

Let us know your feedback

oops, you placed the docx instead of the workflow file :slight_smile:

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which activity you use for word as it is showing missing

Import via dependency Manager the UiPath word activities

the demo was adressing to help you on getting an impression on how the general building block are looking like.

So here it would be kind, when you give a feedback to us if the demo is running at your end. Also if you have analyzed the demo and got an idea of what it is doing

for your individual case:

  • readin your excel
  • iterate over a each row with a for each row
    inside the for each row body implement:
  • template copy and renaming
  • replacement with the row/column value (maybe you use here or each column a replace)