Start from Orchestrator: how to debug?

Dear community

how do you usually debug an application which is started from the Orchestrator? Background: I have an application which works fine when I run it interactively using UiPath Studio. When I start it through the Orchestrator, I seem to have a couple of unexpected issues, probably screen resolution related.

Second: when I change the Screen Resolution Parms in the “launch workflow interactive”, it does not seem to have any effect (according to the screenshot taken) - any thoughts?

What type of issues you are facing? Do you see any errors?

Do you have a screenshot functionality that works in Studio but not in Orchestrator?

I have too seen issues running apps when you don’t have the screen up, like when Orchestrator runs it. It seems to be mostly elements failing to be found.

One thing you can do is look at the Execution_Log in ProgramData folder and track where it failed.

I think most issues can be resolved by using Invoke Interactive and just play with the settings til you can get it working. The other issues you might need to find another way about finding the element like maybe using image activities.

Getting robots to work with Orchestrator on a RDP server environment is much harder than I think UiPath understands.


thanks for your responses so far. It seems to be an issue with the resolution. When we developed the workflows, we used 1920x1080, the system seems to only connect at 1533xyyy pixels. Now, I changed the “interactive workflow” parameters to width and height accordingly (1920 and 1080)… it does not seem to have any effect. I started to change the workflows to hotkey whenever possible - but it’s not always possible, specifically when we have to read a picture on the bottom left corner stating “busy” or “ready” (with the lower resolution, it’s out of sight).

Also, thanks for the execution_log hint. Is it in the AppLocal-Folder? Do you have the exact name so I could search for it?

Everything seems to work fine, except currently the resolution issues…

Another question:
I used many invoke workflow activities. I now have only one invoke interactive workflow activity and packed everything else in there… it seems to work so far - anything which would speak against this solution?

Was researching something and stumbled upon below settings in Uipath.Settings file at C:\ProgramData\UiPath. Thought it might be helpful to you, experts will be able to describe more about it.

 "ResolutionHeight": 0,
  "ResolutionWidth": 0,
  "LoginToConsole": false,
  "RealtimeBufferCount": "64",
  "ResolutionDepth": 0,


thanks. Didn’t help so far… I’m in touch with UiPath Support to get it sorted.

They are described here:



thanks. Found this one already. I have ResolutionWidth and Height set to 0 in the file and amended it in the interactive workflow invoke… still, no change at all.

Also, thanks for the execution_log hint. Is it in the AppLocal-Folder? Do you have the exact name so I could search for it?

By Default, Execution Log should be at C:\ProgramData then UiPath/Logs folder on the machine it runs on. Hope that helps you find it. ProgramData folder might be hidden.

EDIT: Sorry, I think it’s actually in the Appdata folder for the username used for the robot. So, C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath Studio or something like that

Apologies for answering now - but I have found the UiPath.settings file via the search function. Many thanks and apologies again.

One thing to note - if you’re using TakeScreenshot activity, it will by default use current clipping region.
As an example:
Total res is 1920x1080, window size is 800x600.
TakeScreenshot used within AttachWindow will have ~800x600 size That might be why you’re getting 1533. Please also remember that the Start taskbar, unless hidden, will take some out of the vertical resolution as well.

If you want to check screen’s actual resolution, without worrying what’s the clipping region set to currently, you can use this (tested for getting - works):