Problem with Vlookup with 1 file and 2 sheets


I have a excel file with 2 sheets and i try to put a Vlookup but it doesn’t work:

This the result after run the process:

The file:

FinalReport.xlsx (11.1 KB)

And i have:

  • a read range to put “Feuil1” in db2
  • Assign a count = 1
  • The write cell:
    SheetName: “Feuil1”
    Range: “J”+(Count +1).ToString
    Value: “=VLOOKUP(I2,Feuil2!A:B,2,0)”
  • Assign count = count +1

Can you help me?

Thank you.

What you try to do ? search specific criteria from sheet1 in sheet2? ( exists or not?)
you can do a vb script that will do it for you instead of using vlookup .

You can look over here :

Good luck :slight_smile: