Apply vlookup for 2 excel file

Hai Guys

There r 2 excel sheet ( like W1 & W2 )
In that W1 excel sheet
Sheet 1 - has 9 columns
In W2 excel sheet
Sheet 1 - Apply vlookup in Z clm


= Vlookup ( y2,W1@Sheet1:A,I,2,0)

Plz help me to write the W1 excel sheet


Can you please elaborate?

For writing data you can use write range…if you want to write formula to cell then use write cell or formula activity


I tried write cell activity but not worked , it shows some error


Can you SHow what you tried and what error you were getting please



once you can look in to it,

VLOOKUP(B2,A:B,1,FALSE)—B2 is the Lookup value, A:B means Range, 1 means column index, False-Exact Match, True-means Approximate match.