How to use vlooup activity


In uipath 2018.2 …they have provided vlookup activity…
Can anyone guide me with attaching sample workflow for same…
If i want fetch data from differnt sheet to first sheet how to acheive this???
It would be great help😃

Thanks. (12.9 KB)

Try this.

Also go here for reference:

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Can uipath Vlookup worked for two excel file.
Means I have data in 1st file and want to store result in 2nd file column using vlookup…
How to achieve this?

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Just so I understand a bit better what you want to do is this:

  1. Uipath loads up data from first excel file
  2. Uipath uses ‘vlookup’ to get a value from the second file using data from the first file


  1. Uipath loads up data from first excel file
  2. Uipath uses ‘vlookup’ to get result from first excel file
  3. Uipath enters data into second file


2nd situation…

Try something like (12.8 KB)

You can play with write cell, append range etc etc as to whatever you want to do :slight_smile:

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Ok i will try it and let you know if will face any issue


but what if i want to use below formula

please guide


Please check attached files…in Lookup.xlsx , based on E3 to F10 column values ,
we have to calculate Bucket Column Value
by applying below formula using Uipath

lookup.xlsx (8.2 KB)
Output.xlsx (8.9 KB) (13.8 KB)

Try this. Its a bit hacky, but it does the job.


HI @CBlanchard, can you once explain the below screenshot seen while running the workflow ,

Thanks in advance.

its trying to find the external file you linked.

go into your spreadsheet and update your values. Data > Connections

OK @CBlanchard.