Vlookup activity usage

Hi All,

I have two excel Files.
In First excel file i have “SET” column and the data to be filled in it by using vlookup formula.
Vlookup Formula usages data from second file…

How can i use use Uipath vlookup activity for this…

Thanks in advance

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Hi All,
Am I write that it should be like this:

It should be like



Dear SagarSB,

Thank you for correction! It is work for me for 1 column.

In my task I have one file with 3 sheets. I check how table B(sheetname- B) corresponds to table A (sheetname- A). Then I want to write all answer into the sheetname C.

If I want for each column (I have 5 in the table) should I use each activity? Because how to get next column index I (I hope) know. Instead of zero I have “i” and Assign i=i+1, where i<=CoumnCount.

But how to write different ValueToLookup (for each column will be different). Sorry if this question looks like very naive, but I am junior in this field and I will grateful for the clarifications.

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Hi sagar
Can u explain vlookup activity with an example(.xaml file),with all fields set. i am missing somwhere in inputs


Please refer this

hi sagar
I am asking example about vlookup custom activity not the formula