Vlookup issue in excel

I have 2 files File1 and File2 which i will read and assign to datatables dt1 and dt2 respectively. I want to vLookup INVOICE_NUMBER from dt1 and look into dt2, if there is a match then I want to update matched row DESCRIPTION from dt2 to dt1. In other words im applying vLookup to DESCRIPTION column in dt1 sheet and updating the DESCRIPTION from dt2 sheet, if there is no match then it is blank.

Please note that the data in File1 and File2 have very few row items but in real case i have more than 30,000 rows.

Hello @akshay5

Please find a similar post. You can do as mentioned in the post to meet the requirement.

Comparing two excel columns and updating corresponding values - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

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@akshay5 Check the attached workflow,
Reconciliation.zip (25.8 KB)
And also check with 50k records if everything works fine.
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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