Problem with Try Catch workflow

Hi Guys,
Please check my workflow. Its works fine but catch not working.
My issue is: suppose my first task mean open browser is fail then bot write status as fail and in comment section write the error reason. then bot perform with 2nd task which is “log in with user and pass” the same thing did previous. and so on. Please check it (16.8 KB)

Hi @Sneha1, can I use any website for testing?

@razu91 yes you can

if there is an error in the open browser activity, the proccess will not continue with the following task but will directly go to the catch. So the only information you get in that case is the information in the comment column in your data table. You would also need the assign, where it says “fail”, in your exception catch so that you get both informations.

The only way to manually trigger the catch is to use the “Throw” activity and create an exception with an exception message.


I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick_K, Thanks for try to help me. I have checked your workflow but it’s still not working.My issue catch would be works when try getting error which i assigned in catch section, right? Please can you check for me and upload that workflow.