Try Catch: Catch portion not working

Hi all,

When running data in a for each activity in a website, I tried closing the website to see what the try catch activity would do. I programmed the catch to take a screenshot, save image, add data row and open browser to move on to the next entry. However, the catch doesn’t work. The process would stop and indicate and error at a “click” or “type into” or some other activity in the try portion rather than execute the catch portion. My exception in the catches portion is set to system exceptions. Please help. What can I do to make the catches portion work?

Hi @anonymous3

Could you show us the screenshots of what you are exactly doing?


Hi @prasath_S ,

For example, I want to search “phone” in the website below, but I close the website tab before the robot can type in the search.

The process would stop and indicate an error in red for the type into activity instead of moving to the catches portion shown below. The catches portion does not execute.

I want the catches portion to execute.

Just for clarification are you using run or debug to run,

if you are using run can you please the share the workflow.


Hi @prasath_S ,


If you run at Debug whenever an error is occurred it will pause at the activity (as you said with red color error) ,run with run button it will go to catch part.


Make sure you don’t have “continue on error” checked (set to true) for the type into, etc, activities.

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