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I am currently following the RPA Developer Advanced learning plan and I am currently sitting on Practice with REFramework course which is divided in 2 exercises. The first I encountered no problem got 100% on my submission but on the second one I encountered a problem with the System ACME 1.

The PDD for the second exercise explains that for every WI4 item I need to get the Vendor Tax ID, go back to the Dashboard and access Download Monthly Report and “Fill in the Vendor TaxID and download ALL the corresponding monthly reports for 2023.” and then group them all and upload them in another menu.

My problem is that when I go to the WI4 type items and try to download the Monthly Report I can only download the Monthly Report from the year and month of the date of the item. So for example if I got a Vendor that has the date set to 2022.04.30 I can only download the Monthly Report from year 2022 and month April, but I can’t download any reports from the year 2023 because I get an error as seen in the photos. Also there are dates on the items which are sooner than 2022 (2021, 2020, 2019…), but the Monthly Report will only let me select 2022 and 2023.

I’ve tried talking to the support team but I unbelievably got a response so negligent, because the mail I got back from them was explaining me about the formula from the first exercises which I didn’t ask about nor I mentioned it in my ticket.

I am just trying to figure out what to do since I want to continue this journey to becoming an RPA Developer using UiPath, but I can’t complete this task since I can’t seem to figure out what is the problem.

I can only share 1 photo since my forum account is new, but I really need help with this

Hi @robert03

That’s not an error. They created such situation and we need to handle that situation logically.

They only provide the documents for some months in the year only. While other months you have enter, the pop-up will be appear to say that the month has no report. You need to handle this situation by using check app state or element exist activity after entering every month. If that pop-up appear then you need to click “ok” or use “Enter” shortcut and proceed with other months.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for the support @supriya117!

I totally get why they would do that, but the PDD should mention the possibility of this happening and second of all the PDD does not state a case where no month has a valid report.

This type of information should be included in a document meant to help me design a problem. I can guess what to do if there is no valid id, but my job is not to guess and it’s to develop a solution based on the information I got.

For anybody encountering the same problem I did here is a quick fix to the problem.

Download all the data for the 2022 year and when you upload the report choose 2022 instead of 2023 and the name of the xlsx file you are supposed to upload should also have it’s name changed from 2023 to 2022.

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