Issue with download monthly reports on Acme Test

The download monthly reports option on the Acme Test site is throwing a 404 [Routes]. I tried for a WI4 Vendor Tax ID of DE987564 for Oct, Nov, Dec 2017.
We currently see only 2017 and 2018 as options.

reset the data in ACME to avoid 404 error.
Continue with downloading reports for 2017. It will work fine. :slight_smile:

i continue face the 404 [Routes] issue even after rest the date…

I suspect the monthly report files are being purged automatically on daily basis?? I reset the data and it worked fine, but the next day, same problem again. I have to reset it again. Looks like, we may need to complete the assignment within the same day?

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Hi All try to reset the data and try to do it again, it will work…

See my post here: Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment 2 - There is no report to download for any vendor - #55 by rallen