Hi All,

The provided website for the UI Path Test has some weird issues. I have reset the data many times still the website is not behaving properly in context to assignment 2 of UI Path

  1. The following information is extracted and filled in the download monthly report but the system isn’t providing any document to download.

Not all months have a report.
When there are no reports for a particular month, the bot should recognize the dialog box “No report for this vendor/month/year that you have specified” as mentioned in your screenshot and Click ‘OK’ and continue to the next month.
Hope this information helps.

Hey @SowmyaLeo!

Thanks for the reply, However, this is not the question/ error.
The acme website states that generate yearly report for Tax ID for a particular month “July” but even for July no report is available.

I think this is the requirement:

Retrieve the Vendor Tax ID from the details page
Download all monthly reports in the previous year. (Download all the available reports. It is not mandatory a report will be available for every month.)
Merge the monthly reports to an excel file “Yearly-Report-[Year]-[Tax ID].xlsx”


Could you please check with each month for particular TAX ID once.

If atleast one month report found for one TAX ID then that is enough. Else you have to keep on reset ACME data.

I have reset data a couple of times… and not a single report for the stated tax id in all the 12 months of the stated data is available for download. Is it some type of exception? if so how can i handle it

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Hi @Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar,

So are you saying for the current data your not getting report for any tax id. It may be possible for s single tax id you don’t have report but it cannot possible for all tax ids dor current data.

Please check other tax id. If you will find it then it means your data is correct and need to handle respectively.

Hi @ShenkiSinghai,

Can you please help by guiding me to handle this particular exception where it needs to go back to next WI4 than to automatically upload the file.


Best right now I can provide you the approach as logged in from mobile and that is:

I am assuming you are saving your file in a folder which you need to upload then in this case please condition check whether the require file exist in your folder if yes then please go to upload process, if not then please skip the process and navigate to the next transaction.

Hi, @Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar,

Please workflow run using debugging mode and share to screenshot step by step…