Problem with Selectors in Calendar in Outlook (to pick individual days)

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I’m trying to go through each day in the available months in the small calendar windows in Outlook (calendar tab) see below.


The first thing I want to do is be able to select each day in the calendar but if you open a click activity you can’t select single days the whole block shown is selected in one area.


Even with looking through the tree in UiExplorer I can only get to this block area selected rather than individual days.

So firstly I’d like to know how to change the selector to pick an individual days.

Once that is resolved I would also like to be able to return the colour of the day (in the images I showed some are white some are pale blue and some are navy (I assume it’s a get attribute activity but as I don’t know how to get the correct selector at this point, I’m a bit stuck.

Any advice would be welcomed,

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I’m not sure if it’s me just not fully understanding how to find the correct selector or if it is actually not accessible via a selector. At the moment I’m assuming it’s me but I can’t find a valid selector anywhere to access individual days.

So any help to put me out of my misery would be greatly appreciated.

I recently found on a pop up window the selector for the ‘x’ to close the window was so similar to one of the buttons that expanded a drop down on the same window (position was different for example but not much else) that when I tried to close the window this drop down would keep appearing (eventually it was resolved using the menu bar to close the current window but I couldn’t differentiate the 2 elements using selectors. I’m just a bit concerned that selectors aren’t the answer to all my element selection issues that I thought they were)

Hi @charliefik

It indeed looks like there is an issue with UiExplorer recognizing the calendar in Outlook. See this thread for some extra workflows on selecting the values:

Figuring out the colors of the days might not be that simple though.

I will move your topic to Issues category.

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Thanks very much @loginerror that’s great to know. (that I wasn’t going completely mad).

Is this issue resolved? even i cant capture selectors for calander