Unable to read Calendar element

Hi Folks, need some help here. Anyone has any issue in reading Calendar element before? It can read other button (can even login without issue), but when selecting the date inside that calendar element, it detect entire Calendar element as a whole (unable to drill down to actual date)

–this is the calendar element (no issue in selecting the surrounding button)

–this is when trying to click on the date, it basically selected entire calendar element

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check the selector weather calendar element is table or not? if not try “Click OCR Text” activity by passing date value to calendar element.

Hi @pathrudu, how do you check whether it is a table?, i am pasting the selection screenshot below. I am aware the other long solution will be OCR (need to work around to select the correct month, will take some effort), but wanna look for better solution if any (as i encountered this issue twice with 2 different application)

is it possible to inspect date Picker by inspect element?

Inspect element? I cannot find this in UiPath Studio. How do you inspect element if i may ask?

not through UiPath. i am asking is it possible to inspect element in your application.

oh, it is a desktop application by the way. I am still following up with the support team, what is the technology behind the application.

hope you may face issue though you pass click ocr text also. please share the solution of you got.


thanks for replying, hope got any suggestion from others

Can you check other selection methods?
In UiExplorer ribbon there should be a menu for it or a cog icon. By default its default (heh), check with Active Accessibility and other ones.

Sorry for vague pointers, dont have access to studio right now.

@andrzej.kniola, you mean the option below. I tried to change to Active Accessibility and then UI Automation, then re-Select Target Element. it is the same thing, still selecting the calendar as a whole instead of specific date. By the way, for you guys to simulate, try to select outlook calendar (screenshot below), it will have the same issue.


–Outlook calendar also dont work

Outlook Calendar doesn’t work for me as well with any of 3 selection methods.


Hope got some clue from others. Otherwise, if datepicker really not supported, kindly log this under future UiPath’s release. Workaround though will be image/OCR reading which is more tedious task.

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Here is a workflow that uses click image and click ocr text to select the required month. Hope this is helpful.
Test_datepicker.xaml (27.5 KB)

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Could anyone please help me how to select the date in goibibo site using uipath. I am new bee to uipath.
Trying to follow but Not able to find solution.


please go through this file

goibibo.xaml (9.8 KB)

Unablel to see any images

Images will be captured in scrrenshots folder and won’t be available for single xaml it will be in project folder only…
please concentrate on selectors not on images first two activities will be for from date and second two activities for to date