Need help with calendar date (Day)

Hi, I’ve searched through the forum and am unable to select the day from the calendar. See screenshot. Unfortunately it is a private site.

Type into can be used for Month and Year which I managed to do. However, I can’t find a way to select the day.


Use Uiexplorer and select a day n calender. In selector there will be attribute with day as value. So you can make the attribute dynamic by replacing it with day variable.

Eg: “< aaname=‘5’ id=‘abcdate’ tag=‘span’>”

So here you need to replace 5 with day variable.

“< aaname='” + now.tostring(“dd”) + “’ id=‘abcdate’ tag=‘span’>”

I managed to use ‘Click’ to click the date with “FullDay” as a variable.

However, now I run into the problem where there may be repeats in the numbers (i.e., 29 September appears in the October calendar, although it is greyed out).

I reckon changing the occurrence may work and I tried using a try catch activity: Try = click occurrence 2. Catch: On system error, to click occurrence 1. But this will slow down the code greatly. Anybody have any ideas to share? Could we click the calendar based on the colour? Or can we do a count of the occurrence?

This is my selector.

In case anyone is finding the solution, I’ve changed the activity to 'Click Image" instead of “Click Text” and it works.