Not able to select 'SAVE AS" from IE frame

How do I select “Save As” from Internet explorer frame.

I am able to click on SAVE BUT NOT ABLE TO click on the and select 'Save AS" .

I have tried to delay - Did not work


you should get a selector for the dropdown arrow.
click on that.
to get a selector for the “Save As” - open uiExplorer > select target element > press F2[this will give 3 seconds to select another element. During this time you can click the drop down and the sub menu will be visible] > click “Save As” option after the 3 second window is elapsed.

Now that you have selectors for dropdown and the “Save As” menu item you should be able to use the click activity as usual.


Hi @sampaddas,

Try this code
Main.xaml (9.2 KB)



Use Hardware Events (no Simulate, Window Messages) and add a small Delay Before (1 sec)


It worked , Thanks !

EDIT: I figured it out. You meant to uncheck both “SendWindowMessages” and “SimulateClick”. When I did that… then the “Save As” context menu finally appears.

Hi. Can you please be more clear about the solution for this? I’m having a problem with this as well.

I used the recorder to record the “Save As” process at the bottom of the IE browser, and the result was:

  1. Attach Window ‘The Browser Ieframe’ (the bottom save bar)
    a. Click ‘drop down button’ (the downward pointing triangle)
  2. Attach Window ‘Menu’ (the context menu that pops up) <---- Fails here. Menu doesn’t appear
    a. Click menu item ‘Save as’
  3. Attach Window ‘SaveAs Dialog’
    a. Here I click and type into ‘ToolbarWindow32’ to try to change directory
    b. Click ‘Button’ (Save)

Are you saying that on step 1a I should check the checkbox for “SendWindowMessages” and uncheck “SimulateClick”?

Are you also saying that a delay should be present just before step 1a?

I’ve done those 2 things and the “save as” context menu still won’t show up after clicking the arrow. I do see a faint dotted rectangle appear around the “Save” text in the button at the moment it tries to click on the dropdown button though, so I can see that something is happening. The “Save As” menu never shows up though.

Hi @sampaddas I have similar issue , I tried from above ,Kindly help elaborating little more.

The easiest way to overcome this is using “click image” .I used click image to make it consistent


@sampaddas Thanks a lot for the idea …it worked for me too :slight_smile:

Send windows message did not work for me. in this case.

Hi @sampaddas

I was facing the same issue and this did the trick for me!


Hi, does any of the above solutions work in unattended mode? It was not working for me in unattended mode so I changed the logic as below:

  1. Click on Save button to save the file in default (Downloads) folder
  2. Move the file to desired folder with desired name

In unattended mode we have used alt + “s” to save en default download. Then we use the “move” activity to move the downloaded file to the place we need and with the name we need.