Problem with running a robot to open up a webpage for Gsuite

I have orchestrator running a robot which should add an attendee to an event I have already created with the google account I set in UiPath Studio, but when I run the robot it opens a webpage with a 400 error: redirect_uri_mismatch.
If someone could walk me through how to correctly use the UiPath with GSuite integration so I could replicate it, that would be great.

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Hi @David_Lifschitz

To resolve this issue

kindly have a view on this thread buddy
Upload to Google Drive Folder

For more insights on GSuite Hope this could help you buddy

Cheers @David_Lifschitz

i’m still confused how to fix my particular problem.

the error specifically states this:
“The redirect URI in the request, http://localhost:58060/authorize/, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit:
I think the problem is that I can’t authorize a URI because this section, closed in parentheses, http://localhost:(58060)/authorize/, is randomized and therefore I cannot use one because it always changes.

Hi @David_Lifschitz

Is there a reason that the access port is dynamic?

I have no idea. what would cause the access port to be dynamic?
What i do know is that each time I make a new job using the robot it uses a new access port.