UiPath Studio Trial - Robot API

Hello Guys,

I downloaded UiPath for my company and i was checking the potential of this tool.
In this particular case, i need your help to deep dive in the situation because i don’t know how to do.

I have a very simple workflow that send an email, and this is fine. ( FYI here is the file) Tesr1.zip (1.7 KB))

I would like to start flow for this activity by web call instead of “click play” on UiPath interface

I read the following guide (https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/uipath-robot-api) and do the following point:

1)I activate UiPath Robot Service (by editing UiRobot.exe.config) as suggested in the guide

  1. I call the workflow by this command:

“WorkflowFile” : “C:\Workflows\w1\Test1\Main.xaml”,
“User” : “test”,
“Password” : “Capgemini2017”,
“Type” : “1”

  1. I received the following GUID:

  2. If i start QueryJobs to monitoring workflow launched i received the following message:
    “{“ExecutionStatus”:2,“CompletedResult”:null,“ExecutionPoint”:null,“ExecutingRobotId”:“b58a99df-7965-416b-88da-6acbe3f104a7”,“AdditionalInfo”:“Job started processing”}”

II don’t receive any mail

It seems that process is started but not completed.
Anyone have already done a similar implementation or can help me on it?

Thank you for the support

From the artcile you linked:

Note: The Robot API is no longer supported. We recommend using the Orchestrator API.

Contact UiPath to get access to a demo Orchestrator for evaluation purposes.
While I’m sure you probably could get this to work (eventually), it’s a dead end.


As a short note…the comment was added last night…though it is mentioned in many places on the forum.

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Open the below link and follow the steps , it may helps to do the setup

Thank you for your quick reply,

This is curious because if i launch a query with Postman, robot reply with job status. This is reason why i thought that robot could be launched from remote controller. Ok, we will download Orchestrator Demo. Where i can find it ?

Another question, i’ve try also command line interrogation (as guide suggested in the same link provided in my last reply) and even with this way nothing happen: process starts and never ends
(if i check UiPath robot agent running i find a process running with name “N/A” not name of my workflow and it never ends until i click stop button)

Am i wrong or maybe this kind of activities cannot be performed on Trial version ?

Thank you & Regards


Any news ?