Upload to Google Drive Folder




1 - We would like to upload a PDF file to Google Drive.

2 - PDF file will be in C or D Drive and path accessible - In Google, we have a folder name and Google Folder Path Available.

Please Feedback - Is there any standard or custom activity to Upload File From Computer to Google Drive Folder.

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Haven’t tried it yet. But you can have a look and see if it helps.

Rammohan B.



Thank you - I will try out and feedback




I installed package and added Googleauthentictaionscope - Drive activities are present which you can see in the image.

Before that - I have added - ClientID and ClientSecret - Error: redirect_uri_mismatch - See below image - Any suggestion why is this - This clientid, secret I created today for this purpose - Not clear, what redirection path that I need to setup in Google Console - I tried few many Redirection Path, Still same error as below.

Any suggestion to overcome this - Please feedback.

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Google Drive Scope - Google Authentication:
We have managed to set this using - Google Service Account - Added ID, Certificatepath, Certificatepassword in Google Drive Scope.

Authentication is working well.

Create Folder or GetFileInformation - Error message is “Get File Information : Error:“invalid_grant”, Description - Invalid JWT Signature”.

See below message - I set up Share Permission in Google Drive Using this Service Account Email.

Note - I tried file access or file delete using Google Console Explorer, that is working fine - Same Google Service Account giving this error using via UIPath Activity.

Error image is attached below.

Is there any other permission needed here - Please give your suggestion.

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This issue is resolved and following are few observation.

1 - We need to have GSuite Account to implement this.

2 - With GSuite Account - Create Google Service Account - This will generate ID, CertificateFile and CertificatePassword - Use these three in Google Drive Scope.

3 - Go to your Google Drive - Share your main folder with Google Service Account Email.

Create Folder, Upload File - Are working correctly.

Not sure why same is not working in Normal Gmail Account.

Thank You.




It should work with OAuth ID as well. Select Application type “Other” when creating the ID. In this case you don’t need a GSuite Account.