Problem with invoke file

Hi guys!
I am trying to add this file as inwoked workflow. But it doesnt recieve arguments. It has two INPUTS in arguments. But recieve always null.
Could anyone have a look and try to call with two string arguments as inwoked?
Get-find-values-in-PDF.xaml (27.8 KB)

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i saw the workfloww
–it seems like you have used two IN arguments and that is correct
–make sure that while invoking this xaml IN arguments are passed with values in it
–and i hope we will missing out there
Initially we will be pressing Import Arguments to get the arguments name and, to pass the value use Arguments property in the property panel and mention the input values to those IN arguments
–once done save the workflow and dont ever press again the IMPORT ARGUMENTS as it will import again the arguments freshly, so there would be no values been passed to it
and i hope we would have missed in that way only
–so in order to check whether the arguments are passed with values check with ARGUMENT property in the property panel
kindly check that once and try again
hope that would work for sure
Cheers @Slavich

@Palaniyappan, done according to your instructions, but still the same.
While debugging mode it shows null in each argument.


if possible can i have a view on the arguments property of the invoked workflow
Cheers @Slavich

Sure, @Palaniyappan


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i think bot is getting confused on same names for both argument and variable
kindly change either of the names like change either variable names or change the argument names
–make sure that the IN argument is used inside the workflow to access the value of those two variables i.e., dont mention the variable names inside the invoked workfed along the sequence as they are now assigned to the IN arguments so we need to mention only them inside the sequence

–kindly change any of the name and try once
hope that would work
Cheers @Slavich

@Palaniyappan it still the same…
Could you try to call this workflow from your side, please?

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yah sure send me the whole project folder once pls
will check and let you know
Cheers @Slavich

@Palaniyappan, see attached. Thank you.
Flowchart-msgBox.xaml (5.2 KB) Get-find-values-in-PDF.xaml (27.7 KB) Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

Good day, @Palaniyappan.
Have you checked it out?