Problem with getting jira issuekey

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I’m having an error while querying on-prem Jira using Get Issue List activity or Get Issue SQL (UiPathTeam.JiraGet). I need to fetch the most basic information - issue key from the ‘Infomation’ tab. The field is listed among the Information tab items. It is shown as Parameter_Name ‘issuekey’ When I select it and run the command I’m getting an error

System.Exception: System.ArgumentException: Column ‘Key’ does not belong to table TableName.
at System.Data.DataRow.GetDataColumn(String columnName)
at System.Data.DataRow.set_Item(String columnName,
Object value)
at UiPathTeam.JiraGet.CmdRestAPI.d__69.MoveNext()
at UiPathTeam.JiraGet.CmdRestAPI.d__69.MoveNext()

Is it some kind of hard-mapping inside the activity code? Neither of information fields has Dispaly_Name or Parameter_Name ‘Key’

Similar error is also for other, more custom data fields, they usually go with Parameter__Name customfield_xxxxxx.

The similiar behaviour is observed when using SQL. When I execute the default query “SELECT
WHERE …” the message Column ‘Key’ does not belong to table TableName appears.

@Cristian_Negulescu please help…

When I execute query in the wizard without specyfying Information fields and get result number, then I’m able to select Information filed afterwards and they get fetched in Wizard’s Results window. However after saving and running query again the above error is thrown.

Hello Sparrow,
Yes, sometimes the wizard is not able to parse all the particular cases. Please try the Raw commands like in this movies:


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That worked :slight_smile:

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