Unable to extract JIRA description field

I’ve tried multiple JIRA activities (Search issues using JQL, Get Issues SQL and Get Issues List activities) but getting ERROR in Description Field column (able to extract rest values).

In parallel, I’ve found alternative approach to use API using HTTPS Activity and extract below description field values from Jira issue.

Output of API response is coming in below format (need to deserialize) but challenge is to extract respective details from below format. Looking for an easy alternative way as solution.

description : "User Details: * First Name : P * Last Name : Jones * Preferred Name : null * Gender : Male * EmployeeStatus : Permanent * Division : Int

I don’t completely understand your problem.
Can you explain exactly where you’re stuck and what problem you’re facing?

@T0Bi : getting ERROR in description column using activities ( Search issues using JQL, Get Issues SQL and Get Issues List activities ). I am able to get other details in data table except description field.

@Sonalk From this string you can extract the information using the string manipulation techniques.

@kumar.varun2 : There may be chances to get multiple description field values after deseralize JSON response. I am looking for best approach to extract description fields values.

description : “This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.”
description : “A request that follows ITSM workflows.”
description : "User Details: * First Name : abc * Last Name : def * Preferred Name : xxx

Solution : Extract fields value from Deserialize JSON output

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