Assign JIRA issue to a User

Hello team,

I am trying to automate creating JIRA for the exception raised in the bot.
I sucessfully created the JIRA issuse , but facing problem with assigning the issue to any user. I tried using Assign Issue activity, but i am unabel to get the earlier created Issue ID.

Could some one help me on this.

Hi @Satya_Kishore,
To get particular ticket’s id you need to search for ticket using image. This will return list of tickets which will have Key property for each element.

When creating the ticket using Create Issue activity you also have output parameter which should return you such things.

Hi @Pablito,
Can you please let me know the exact keyword tht need tobe used to get the Issue Key.
I tried the approch you mentioned by create issue activiy but unable to get the if from the output parameter.

Getting the below value, when i tried to evaluate the contents in the output varuiable , JIRA_Out
Cannot evaluate ‘JIRA_Out’ at current context

When creating issue assign object output to variable:

Then create string variable to which you need to assign .Key.ToString:

And that’s it:

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