Jira Get Issue Activitiy

I’m using Jira scope inside that Get issue activity.

I’m creating a variable (getdata) to get an issue data of type Attlasian.jira issue in this there are some inbuild function to get the issue properties like summary, description, createdon, createdby…
but i need custom fields like project name, code etc…how to get that using the customfields property.


As per the field description it is a collection

So please try liek this jira.customFields("FieldName")

Or to know all the keys try jira.CistomFields.Keys


I’m using this syntax
AllFields.CustomFields(“Project Name”).Values

this is my output
“Design,Development and Implementation”

how to get as string?


Please try this

AllFields.CustomFields("Project Name").Values(0)


String.Join(",",AllFields.CustomFields("Project Name").Values)


@Anil_G yeah got it, thankyou

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Please close the topic if solved. Else happy to help

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