Problem with desktop automation "Run as Administrator"

I have problems with an automation of a desktop application that must be run with Administrator privileges.
We are using Windows 10 and UiPath Studio 2021.10.4.
When opening UiPath Studio in the normal way, it is not possible to recognize elements of the application interface, showing the error with the message “Cannot Access target process! Elevated privileges might be required. Try running the UiPath application as an administrator”.


Investigating how to fix that situation, I found that if an application is running in Administrator mode, UiPath Studio must be opened with Administrator privileges (Run as administrator). The problem now presented is that when trying to log in to the orchestrator, the error “Access Denied” appears.

Community of Uipath, we would be very grateful if you could give us support with this problem.


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Can you check below post for your reference

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Also check below

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Hi, thank you very much for your answers, but both solutions were tested yesterday without success.


I went through the same problem at the company where I work.
The users I use were not users with administrative privileges.
So I had to make two configurations.
1st - Put the user with administrative permissions in the “active directory”.
2nd - Put the user as the machine’s local administrator.

This way you don’t need to run the applications by clicking the right mouse button and selecting “run as administrator”.
Machine and user settings themselves cause applications to run with these permissions.

It was the only way I could, to solve my problem.
I hope it helps you.

Thanks, I’ll try that method.

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Don’t forget to let us know if it worked. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: