Problem with debugging -> running into an errror

Hi everyone,

I tried to code something but I am running in the same error all the time.

I try to find pdfs from different webpages and my robot should download them and save them in one folder.
But when for what reason it is not possible to download the pdf the hole script is stopped.
In debug mode I can push forward but then I have to push it all 3-5 minutes and that for about 2,5h hours.

So can you maybe help me with my problem?

Maybe you need more information about my problem and I’ll try to answer the questions but I’m a complete UI Path beginner… so please be patient.

thank you very much!!!

Jan from Nuremberg, Germany

Hi Jan,

Have you tried using a try-catch to handle the exception?

No, I don’t know this function

@jan-boe Have a look at this site:

You put the activity/sequence that keeps failing inside of the try section. In the catch section you can select the exception that occurs and then decide what you want the robot to do when it happens. Doing this should stop your robot from throwing an exception.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you very much! I’ll try it and report if it was the solution :wink: