Debugging Studio while Continue on Exception

Hi, is there any way of debugging a robot while continuing on intentional exceptions but stopping on unexpected errors?

In other words - I want to continue the robot running in debug when encountering the activities ‘Throw’ and ‘Try-Catch’. As these are known exceptions, the developer often don’t gain additional value from the robot stopping the debug on these occasions.
Therefore it would be fantastic with a function similarly to ‘Continue on Exception’ only more narrow like ‘Continue on Throws and Try-Catches’.

This functionality would greatly decrease me and my team’s debugging time! Cheers.

Hi @LarsFeilberg !
Also interested by the topic.
Maybe @Pablito has an idea if it already exists or if it’s in the roadmap ?

Hi @LarsFeilberg,
I think you might check the REFramework template. There is already exceptions handling path defined but you may try to use this for your need.

Nothing else comes through my mind to be honest.

Hi @Pablito
Thank you for your respons, however the Exception Handling architecture is not what i’m referring to. I want UiPath Studio to not stopping the execution of the debugging when hitting activities like ‘Throw’ and ‘Try-Catch’. Think of the concept of the button ‘Continue on Exception’ only this being a button called ‘Continue on Throws and Try-Catch’.
Do you want me to send a screenshot or does this make sense?

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It totally makes sense. If you would be able to present kind of a screenshot or mockup I could push this as an idea for our internal tracker :slight_smile:

Hi @Pablito - is the attached image sufficient for you to forward it to your internal team?

Excellent! Your feedback has been pushed forward :slight_smile:


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