My robot "stops" working but still runs

I want to go through *.doc that I have on a (D:) to verify if I can open them.
I use a For each folder in directory go through for each file in folder. In these for each I use a try catch so when i Cant open the files it should be catched and saves the filename and filepath of the files and add this to a datatable that I created.

My problem is not in the script but the robot stops going through files but doesn´t quit working. So I have the robot up and working but doesn´t do anything so I dont have error messages to show you.

Does someone have an idea on what the problem could be?

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Could you please run workflow in debug mode and check error.

There is around 13.000 files that I wanna go through. It fails around file number 300-11000 but ofc I will try to do that.