I can't get data scraping to return any data

Hi all,

I’m pretty new with UiPath. This is the first issue I haven’t been able to resolve. I’m trying to get a data table from a web page (I would provide screenshots but I’m worried I could be violating some sort of non disclosure agreement).

I use the data scraping method and in the wizard, the preview looks perfect, but every time I try to run the
process I get an error: Hover ‘NOBR’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

I’m just stumped as to where I’m going wrong. Maybe it could be an issue the selector? But I’m not to the point yet where I know how to modify it (or if that’s even the issue to begin with).

Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.


Hi @jakem45 welcome to the forum

May I know whether the site is long time to get loaded before scrapping?

If yes use delay activity before data scrapping

Hope it helps
Nived N

Hey Nived N I really appreciate the response! After trying, unfortunately no that was not the issue.

The site seems to load at a normal pace.

Hi @jakem45

Try with delay Activity before datascraping

Thanks for the help my man. It turns out it was an issue with the selector after all. I finally got a colleague to help me out, I wish I knew what exactly he did to fix it but he fixed it by making changes to the selector.

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