Data extraction does not work on a web page

Hi, I’m new to Uipath development.
I’m trying to implement a robot that extracts data from a web page that is updated in real time. It turns out that when I open the excel file generated by this extraction, nothing is displayed. Please, whoever can help me.

^most of the case the selectors are to tune, when data is extracted and has empty result


Validate below check points

After data extraction add log message datatable.Rows.count if value is greater than 0 then validate you are passing the datatable to the excel file.

If value is less than 0 then that mean bot is not extracting data from website.

Let me know if you need further information to investigate the issue

Thanks for the answer. How could I get the right selector from a webpage?


is website specific. Just ry to remove any parts from selector which are not adding a meanfully value and which are not relaible e.g. generated parts, new calculated on page load.

Use </> from editor and feeld free to share the selector and the extract metada


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For data scrapping and an example on how to use it
Here you go

Once after data scrapping with the above steps
You will get the output as datatable variable
Let’s name it as dt

—now use a Writeline activity like this

If this shows some value more than 0 then dt has some value in it

Then you can write it to a excel with write range activity



Thanks for the answer. The number of rows in the DataTable is two. However, this result is not written to xlsx. I am using the “Append Range” activity to write the extract data.

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I Could see only the message box
Use write range activity from workbook activities
Search as workbook in activity panel and choose write range from it where you can mention the excel file path and pass the input as ExtractedTable and enable the Property add headers

Cheers @Hamilton_Morais


use write range activity and pass that datatable to it.

This is the method I use to write the data. Is it ideal to use the “write range”?

Yeah it is
Append range is used to append to existing table in excel
But write range will either write the datatable to excel on top of the existing records that is it will overwrite or will enter it newly

Cheers @Hamilton_Morais

Good morning guys. Forgive me the delay. It still doesn’t work for me. Today I realized that in addition to being tables that are updated in real time, the structure is a table within a table. Can you see any solution?