Problem with checking out of TFS and mapping

Hi guys, I have checked in four processes that make up an entire project together in the TFS. Each of them was previously saved in a separate project folder and when checked in, a Branch folder got created in each of them. However, as I progressed with checking in, only through the latest checked-in Branch folder could I enter the actual TFS folder structure, the way I checked it in. Other once were empty at some point. After a couple of days, when I wanted to introduce any changes, I don’t have option to check out, it doesn’t say (Read Only), and I cannot save any changes. When I tried to connect in Project pane to TFS once again, got pop-up that there is something wrong with the mapping, and after that all the project files disappeared (!) from TFS folders.

What is weird is that the files are still there on the server website. And my workmate can see it on their machine, and can check it out and everything is working fine. So it seems like some problem with my local settings or so. Any help?

Hi @salladinne,
Please share with us some screenshots of the problem. Can you please also tell me if you have moved projects between folders locally and/or on TFS server?