Not able to select the item from drop down in SAP tool


I am trying to select the drop down from the below SAP page,

When I hover the mouse in this page half of the page got selected. Not able to select the particular UI element.

Can anyone please help me to select the item from dropdown in SAP tool.


did you enabled the scripting both at server and client end are enabled.

if yes use send hot key to focus to the particular dropdown and use type into to select the value.

Refer this link

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @shajanjose,
Adding one more point…, to select the item from a drop down list, you can use select item activity.


Getting the below message while using the Select Item activity,


Hi @shajanJose,

Click on the drop down using click item and simulate click. After that use the select item activity.


Hey Manoj,

you mean click activity? because I don’t see click item activity in activity panel.


yes Click activity only under Mouse action.

when I use the click activity to Indicate on the SAP screen particular UI element was not selected. Half of the screen got selected.

Hi @shajanjose ,

You can try a click relative activity in the recording which is under the Element and then mouse. This allows you to click relative to the Element you want. In this case you can try it on the blue X icon and then indicate on the A01 Goods Receipt or the drop-down arrow. If that doesn’t work you can also try a click image on the drop-down arrow as well.